Elizabeth Perez Barletta, Attorney

Ligris & Associates


If you were to poll 10 Realtors and ask them what their biggest complaint about working with lawyers was, Elizabeth Perez Barletta believes the majority would say a lack of communication. It’s why she always keeps clients, Realtors, lenders and the other side’s team informed throughout the process. What’s more, she leads with empathy. “In a business that’s very much driven by emotions, having empathy for clients, referral partners and also the other side of a transaction is very important,” says Barletta, an attorney with Ligris & Associates. “It’s what usually makes the transaction positive and has aided in my reputation as someone who is fair, kind and a strong advocate for my clients.”

The daughter of a Realtor, Barletta grew up listening to her mother’s complaints about attorneys: they don’t respond to a call; they destroy deals; they talk down to me. As a result, she makes it a point to do better and provide clients with white-glove service. Without fail, she always responds to calls, is respectful, and, most of all, has understanding. She knows that for many people, buying a home can be emotional.

Barletta has 11 years of experience in real estate, serving clients in the Greater Boston, North Shore, South Shore and Merrimack Valley areas. She starts off each client relationship with a phone call and a video summarizing her role in the transaction. “Connecting by phone is a valuable tool in helping my clients understand the process and feel comfortable moving forward,” she says. The goal is always the same: making sure the client feels like they almost magically bought a house with little to no friction.

Barletta decided to become a real estate attorney after clerking for a legal team in law school. Personally, she is most proud of welcoming her second child into the world during COVID while managing a flourishing business.

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