Connect your product or service with the Boston residential real estate community:

Boston Agent magazine offers the broadest and deepest reach available into the Boston residential real estate community. Our website, newsletters, events and social networks reach thousands of real estate professionals by providing rich, game-changing content.

We deliver consistent communication and a dynamic point of view to 12,000 e-mail recipients. Boston Agent offers local coverage of real estate news and events with an industry-wide flavor, encouraging a dialogue between agents, mortgage professionals and real estate developers who serve the local housing market. The ultimate agent’s resource, Boston Agent is the trusted source where agents turn for honest and reliable information about their business.


Web Advertising

Unit Size Monthly Cost
Rotating Top Banner 1092 x 135 (desktop dimensions) 450 x 180 (mobile device dimensions) $400/30 days
Rotating Island Ad 450 x 375  (desktop dimensions) 450 x 180 (mobile device dimensions) $320/30 days
Prestitial Ad 700 x 700 $250/7 days

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Posts are uniquely positioned to generate both awareness and engagement beyond the advertising display banner. Presented within the editorial stories on our website, the Sponsored Post positions your brand so it can directly “speak” to the Boston Agent audience.

The Sponsored Post is featured above the fold alongside the day’s headlines and stories and is a featured link in our Monday email newsletter, Agent Update. When readers click on the Sponsored Post, the complete post is revealed – a wide canvas for copy, imagery or video and interactivity that showcases your message.

Sponsoring the Daily Stat pairs your brand with the dynamic, highly relevant data that our readers are looking for. Its prominent position on our homepage makes your message the focus of our above-the-fold content

Sponsored Post $300/7 days

Email Newsletter Advertising: Agent Update

Boston Agent‘s Agent Update is sent via e-mail to over 15,000 local real estate professionals  every Monday. Each ad space links directly to your website.

Unit Size Cost
Top Position 300 x 250 $250
Secondary Position 300 x 250 $150


Designed to keep real estate professionals informed of industry updates, events and announcements, eBlasts are great for announcing incentives, grand openings and special events. The eBlasts are a perfect tool to keep your listing or community in the mind of the agents.

Size Cost
Full Database 550 x 558 $500

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