Real Issues

How does a community increase home values?

A neighborhood has many public assets that combine to determine its desirability to buyers. How do those assets affect home prices — and which ones have the biggest impact?

How to win the succession game

Real estate agents are developing more sophisticated ways to pass their business on to the next generation and creating ongoing revenue streams for themselves along the way.

What to do about the affordability crisis?

Inventory shortages, supply chain disruptions and bidding wars that have pushed prices up to record levels are among the numerous factors that have exacerbated the affordable housing crisis that was already in full swing prior to the pandemic.

Warming planet in a hot market

For the millions of Americans who move each year, climate risk should be a top consideration.

It’s time we talk about crime

If ever there were a third rail of residential real estate, it would have to be the topic of crime. But how is it impacting the bottom line now?

Growing their way to success: A look at brokerage expansion

Buy, merge or franchise — they’re growth strategies many brokerages are pursuing in an effort to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive market. But what are the benefits of these approaches, and what are the hurdles?

The top 5 Real Issues of 2021

Check out Boston Agent’s most-read Real Issues features to learn from our expert sources and, overall, to consider the year in retrospect.

Up close and personal: A glimpse inside the 2022 home construction playbook

Aftershocks from the pandemic have rocked developers with new hurdles to breaking ground on residential properties. The main culprits: a shortage of skilled labor, skyrocketing costs of building materials and a disrupted supply chain.

What’s new in new construction

Some supply-chain issues and price shocks have calmed in recent weeks. But the price volatility of core construction materials remains unsettling for builders trying to set their budgets.

The do’s and don’ts of dual agency

The simplest way to maintain a good reputation and stay on the right side of the law is to trust your gut and consider how you’d want your own family members to be treated in a real estate transaction.

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