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Cape Cod market changing quickly — here’s what you need to know

“It’s important to know these key indicators not just across the whole Cape, but in each town and village to be able to assess in real time what is happening in the real estate market.” — Ryan Castle, CEO, Cape Cod Association of Realtors

Energizing the industry

“Lawmakers seek to build consensus and we – the real estate industry – can show widespread support for our position by acting collectively.” — Patricia Baumer, Director of Government Affairs, Greater Boston Real Estate Board

Overcoming Adversity: The recovery and growth of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®

COVID was a setback for many associations, but it offered the Women’s Council of REALTORS® the opportunity to get creative and dig deep to find ways to connect meaningfully with members across the country.

How do we make housing ‘fair’ — embrace YIMBYism

“Though we must be willing to accept that we need more housing, we must also embrace more people in the housing market because it is good for the community. It is good for local businesses, and it is good for the national economy.” — Dawn Ruffini, 2022 President, Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

AREAA fostering progress through greater accessibility

“The AAPI community is undergoing a period of rapid growth, in sheer numbers and in cultural impact … At AREAA, we are proud and humbled to play our part in fostering progress that will lead to greater accessibility and opportunity for the growing AAPI community.” — Tim Hur, president of the Asian Real Estate Association of America

New era – new agent

“What the pandemic did was take each and every one of us out of our comfort zones and force us to think beyond what we historically knew of our businesses. This is when we showed our true resilience as not only agents, but also as people.” — Arlene Castellano, Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network Chair

The right and wrong ways to make housing more affordable

“By taking the right steps and avoiding the wrong ones, we can increase the presence of safe, reliable, affordable housing in Massachusetts, and bolster multi-generational income for all,” writes Melvin A. Vieira, Jr., 2022 president of the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®

Consumer Federation of America: ‘Uncouple buyer, seller agent commissions’

The ongoing commission battle has one report calling for changes the NAR says could freeze many out of the homebuying process.

A 2022 real estate forecast

“Expect strong housing demand to continue and prices to increase, although both will likely moderate over the next 12 months,” writes incoming NAR President Leslie Rouda Smith.

Boston Agent magazine’s top 5 Association News items from 2021

Look through our top 5 Association News stories to reflect on the unique year in real estate.

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