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NAR Travel Club to provide travel discounts to members

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has partnered with Panorama Travel Solutions to offer exclusive travel deals and discounts through the NAR Travel Club.

NAR Board of Directors meeting reveals statistics about member dues, operations

As of Sept. 30, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) had collected $229.6 in dues from its 1.542 million members, according to a RealTrends report.

NAR must remain at the forefront of growth and innovation

This was the year that we proceeded slowly and cautiously to get our lives back to normal. When fans returned to stadiums, students returned to classrooms and tourists returned to flights, landmarks and hotel rooms.

Theresa Hatton, CEO of Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®
Massachusetts a leader in diverting evictions

With the ending of the Federal Center for Disease Control eviction moratorium, now is a critical time for agents to bone up on existing housing programs and policies so they can help ensure both tenants and landlords receive the benefits that are available to them.  

Obstacles and opportunities to growing hispanic homeownership

Despite the inventory and credit challenges, Latinos are driving homeownership growth. The Urban Institute projects that this trend is only going to continue, with Latinos expected to make up 70% of homeownership growth between now and 2040.

The role of a REALTOR® in a lopsided market

We have a lot of interests that compete for attention on Cape Cod: the climate crisis, the water quality crisis, the lack of year-round paying jobs, poor broadband service — but in the end, it all doesn’t matter if we cannot house a year-round community. We need to stop making excuses and realize it’s the lack of available housing that is the problem.

House hunting or Hunger Games?

“To win a bidding war these days, buyers need to put their best foot forward. Go all-in the first time around or be brutally defeated.” — Krista Matthews, Realtor, Greater Boston Association of Realtors, YPN Chair 2021

Realtors must always strive to do better on fair housing

“Don’t limit your focus on fair housing to one month. Do the right thing and commit yourself to a year-long observance of the law and treating everyone equally in their quest for housing.” — John Dulczewski, Executive Vice President, Greater Boston Association of Realtors

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