Elevated Boston

Dan Duval, Broker

Bridget Fortunate, Agent

Corey O’Neill, Agent

John Dolan, Agent

Guided by an extensive background in Boston’s luxury market, Dan Duval and J.D. Wild lead an extraordinary team of agents from all walks of life at Elevated Boston. Duval and Wild have cultivated a brilliant group that’s a cut above other luxury brokers and that succeeds through individual talent and specialty. The Elevated Boston team produced nearly $120,000,000 in sales volume in 2021.

     A decorator at heart, Bridget Fortunate, luxury agent, began her career in real estate through her background in luxury vacation homes, where she worked as a liaison between owners and renters. Her background in interior decorating gives her valuable insight into the value potential for new-construction condos, which earned her one of the most expensive sales in all of Boston, at $6.5 million.

     From humble roots working as the general manager of multiple Boston-based sports bars, Corey O’Neill has called Boston his home since 2004. Before finding his calling in real estate, O’Neill worked on construction projects, which fostered his informative outlook on future investment properties and the intricacies of pre-construction transactions. He’s put this knowledge to good use as a luxury sales agent at Elevated Boston and represented multiple developers on over $30 million in new-construction condo sales in 2021.

     Formerly a highly successful DJ at some of Boston’s most popular clubs, John Dolan, agent at Elevated Boston, continues his similarly triumphant career in luxury real estate. Specializing in representing buyers and sellers of new-construction luxury condos, Dolan has achieved nearly $20 million in sales volume. He represented numerous Boston-based developers in 2021.

     Despite the team members’ individuality and aptitudes, they come together to make one another’s jobs easier. “The insight we are able to provide is invaluable,” Duval boasts. “The information that our team has gathered over hundreds of transactions on specific luxury buildings, as well as the luxury market as a whole, provides strategy and knowledge to our clients that you can’t find at other brokerages.”

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