Sophie Ricci & Ryan Gillis, SRG Properties Group

CENTURY 21 North East


Sophie Ricci, Team Lead, South East MA

Ryan Gillis, Team Lead, North East MA

Sophie Ricci and Ryan Gillis are not intimidated by a challenge, so their clients feel confident that they’re able to tackle whatever obstacle comes their way. Their desire to network and ability to adapt to market changes allow them to better serve their clients. If for any reason they can’t solve an issue, they know the person who can.

     In 2019, SRG opened in Norwood, Mass. Three years later, the top-selling team of two added nine agents to serve their residential buyers and sellers, commercial and investor clients in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and — soon — Florida.

     Ricci and Gillis describe the team members as always leading with a client’s best interests in mind: “It might involve asking a buyer for more time because their seller has been unable to clear out their belongings before closing, finding a property for an investor who unexpectedly lost out to another buyer or making sure a buyer doesn’t get fatigued and just settles on the last property they saw.”

     SRG also works with commercial clients and recently leased a property to Netflix for a movie. “You never know who the next client will be!” exclaims Ricci. “That is the most exciting part of our work — the unknown, the hustle and the satisfaction of completing a task.”

     Gillis affirms that SRG understands the difficulties buyers are currently having. “In this market, moving quickly is imperative to having your offer accepted.”  Ricci shares in his view, “You cannot miss an opportunity, and because of our commitment to our clients, they never do.” 

     SRG’s team loves working with clients, and based on client testimonials, the feeling is mutual. Ricci and Gillis recognize their team’s dedication. “Clients are grateful because our experience and interpersonal skills make them feel fortunate to have us on their side.”

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