Elisabeth (Liz) Ryan, Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer

Guaranteed Rate


As a former Realtor with 17 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Liz Ryan, branch manager and senior loan officer at Guaranteed Rate, is uniquely knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the homebuying process across Boston. Having weathered everything from mortgage meltdowns in 2007 to unmatched demand for homes in 2021, Ryan says she’s learned one key rule: “I always try to get right back to the client, as this is the most important investment they’re going to make, and I’d better be there to help them along the way.”

     She’s built a book of referral-based business across all kinds of loan products, in part because she succeeds at closing loans that might fall apart with other lenders. Such was the case for two tense deals closed in the past year. Because of this resilience and her responsive style, Ryan and her team surpassed $100 million in closed loans last year with record refinancing. She aims to provide a nonjudgmental, credit-aware and relaxed environment for buyers.

     “I care for my clients, and I make time to get to know and educate them,” she says. “We walk through loan disclosures together to make sure they understand everything they’re signing and take the angst out of the process.” After conquering challenging markets and situations, she’s able to solve problems and rush appraisals on the fly, with a lightning-fast processing team at her side. “They are the best in the business,” she insists, “and I couldn’t do this volume without them.”

     It all comes together for Ryan in the result: a lending team she’s proud of and serving clients she adores. “We all work as if we’re a small company within the big company,” she says, “dedicated to each unique buyer.”   

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