Anthony Castellano, Real Estate Agent

Lamacchia Realty


Growing up in a family of builders and landlords, it’s no wonder that new development is among Anthony Castellano’s specialties. His rearing in the real estate development process has positioned him to lead even seasoned professionals through sales and acquisition. With four years in the industry, he skillfully taps into resources within his network to connect sellers with buyers in this ever-competitive market.

Castellano has a no-pressure approach and specializes in far more than just new construction. He recalls a quote by real estate television star Ryan Serhant in summarizing what clients truly want: “People don’t want to be sold, but they love shopping with friends.” Characterizing his personality as friendly and his client interactions as enjoyable, Castellano uses his skills as a certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert to bring expertise and uplifting energy to his work serving northern Boston.

His innovative spirit is evident as he describes how he worked with a team to develop a marketing package promoting a new subdivision. “The marketing strategy […] created enough interest to sell out the project before the first foundation has been poured,” says Castellano. Despite his willingness to go the extra mile to help a client in a bind, it’s his ability to rely on key partnerships that he notes as having been pivotal to his success navigating the ups and downs of the coronavirus era in real estate.

A self-proclaimed “golf nerd,” Castellano enjoys his time on the green. “My open house signs and my clubs are two constants that sit in the trunk of my car,” he shares. This healthy work-life balance allows him to provide his clients as much information as possible and ensure they are aware of every option available to them. “I do my best to educate [clients] on the current market and what strategy works best,” says Castellano.

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