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New Construction in Boston Stampedes Through February

What was the deal with our local new construction marketplace last month? February proved a remarkable month for residential new construction in the Boston area, according to new numbers from Dodge Data & Analytics. For the month, residential construction in Boston totaled

Greater Boston’s Top Single-Family Housing Markets

Where, in the Greater Boston area, do single-family homes sell the most? Single-family homes were the dominate form of construction in the Greater Boston area in the post-War housing market, and many remain economic juggernauts to this day. What

Why Soaring Inequality is Terrible For Housing

Everyone should be concerned about rising levels of inequality – especially residential real estate professionals. The Brookings Institution just updated its data metrics on inequality in the U.S.’ largest metro areas, and the results are – to put it

Lion Share of New Construction in Boston Affordable Only For Affluent Consumers

The single-family home market for new construction has trended towards affluence, and so has the rental market. The last couple months, we’ve been reporting with regularity on how our nation’s issues with inequality have manifested themselves in new construction,

Negative Equity Remains Problem in Boston’s Lower Price Points

Sure, negative equity has improved overall, but what of properties on the lower-end of price spectrum? Though 9.8 percent of mortgage properties in the Boston area remain in negative equity, that pales in comparison to the 16.7 percent of properties in the metro

The Big Problem Facing Boston’s Housing Market

The key word in addressing Boston’s housing ills is “imbalance.” Call it a problem of “too much of a good thing.” It’s no mystery that Boston is in the throes of an all-out affordability crisis, one that has the

CoreLogic: Equity Returns to Boston, Beats Nation

Homeowners are benefiting from rising home prices that improve equity, but that doesn’t mean negative equity still isn’t a problem. Equity continued building in the fourth quarter of 2014, CoreLogic’s newest report concluded, showing that by year’s end, 1.2

Why Housing Affordability is More Complicated Than You Think

You may think you understand housing affordability, but chances are you’re relying on limited measurements. How affordable is Boston’s housing market? The answer to that question is more complicated than meets the eye, and it suggests some very interesting things

When is the Best Time to List Properties in Boston? Try Next Month

The optimal time for listing properties in Boston is not too far off. You should start planning to list your clients’ properties about a month from now. That’s the takeaway from a new report from Zillow, which found that the

Massachusetts Cash Sales Near Pre-Crisis Levels 

A new report from CoreLogic highlights improvements to the nation’s share of all cash sales. Unfortunately, it’s still high. It’s a new housing market in 2015. Policies are shifting, new legislation is being written, and in an eddying whirl

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