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Foreclosures Remain Low in the Bay State

Foreclosures are being completed at dramatic rates…and why that might not be so good. The newest foreclosure report from CoreLogic highlights the nation’s continued efforts to push through new and long pending foreclosures, but the robust pace of completion

Boston One of Top 10 Luxury Markets in the Nation

New data shows that the city of Boston is one of the most active luxury housing markets in the entire U.S. The city of Boston is the No. 9 luxury housing market in the U.S. in terms of sales, according to

Boston Inventory Suffers From Dwindling Construction Spending

Construction spending rises and falls throughout the country, helping and hindering markets struggling to refill dwindling inventories. Construction spending was up this past October, according to recently released figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. The increases, which amount to

What Income Does Your Client Need to Qualify for a Mortgage in Boston?

At the end of the day, how much income do consumers need to qualify for certain mortgages in our housing market? In our most recent analysis of housing affordability, we looked at what percentage of our housing market’s inventory

CoreLogic Report: What Price Appreciation Says About Our National Economy

Stable, moderate price appreciation may tell a much larger economic story.   Though the pace of home sales has slowed throughout much of the nation, year-over-year price gains remain healthy, increasing in October yet again, making 32 months of

Boston to See Biggest FHFA Loan Limit Increase in Nation in 2015

Lending in Boston will receive a considerable boost from the FHFA in 2015. Only 46 counties in the U.S. will see their conforming loan limits increase for single-family mortgages guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but no counties will

Where are Boston’s Condo Hotspots?

While Cambridge and Davis Square use to be the only condo hotspots in Greater Boston, towns including Plymouth, Lexington and Everett are moving in with double-digit increases in condo prices recently All numbers in this article come from The

One Seaport Square Breaks Ground in the Growing Seaport

Kicking off a number of Seaport Square projects intended to create growth and knit together the Financial District, the Waterfront, Fort Point Channel, and Fan Pier, is the groundbreaking of One Seaport Square. As the largest master planned project

Boston Home Prices Balance Further in Latest Case-Shiller

Home price growth continued to slow in September, but as we argued with home sales, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Balance was the name of the game for home prices in the Boston’s housing market, which in September rose 4.5 percent

Greater Boston Housing Market a Mass of Contradictions in October

The Greater Boston housing market continues to throw waves of opposing stats our way, making simple analysis quite tricky! Home sales in the Greater Boston area were up 0.2 percent year-over-year in October, with single-family sales dropping 3.6 percent

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