The best Boston neighborhoods for the value

by Chelsea Niaz

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Trulia released a list of America’s best value neighborhoods Friday that detailed the 100 biggest metros’ values. Trulia’s list considered first-time buyers and where in the country they could get the best value for their money.

Neighborhoods were not just ranked on price, but a combination of listing prices, entry-level affordability, school information, crime statistics, commute times and other amenities like restaurants. What resulted was a list of neighborhoods with the best livabilities among America’s most expensive metros.

Suburb Not City Living

The rankings come during a shift among millennials who choose to live in the suburbs versus cities. According to Zillow, 50 percent of millennials live in the suburbs while 20 percent live in rural areas. The percentage of millennials living in the suburbs speaks to a pattern of migration away from cities and into the suburbs because of more affordable options.

For Boston, the best neighborhood was Lyn Woods which scored an affordability score of seven, restaurant rank of one, commute rank of nine, school rank of eight and crime rank of nine. Trulia’s list also included the median home values within neighborhoods, Lyn Woods’ was $352,088.

Instead of there being a dead last neighborhood, the list features three neighborhoods vying for the eighth spot: Bowdoin North-Mount Bowdoin, Dudley-Brunswick King and Meeting House Hill. All the neighborhoods’ individual rankings (affordability, restaurants, commute, etc.) equaled the same amount placing them all at the same value level.

School and restaurant rankings were consistently high among all neighborhoods while affordability scored a low 60 out of 100, according to Trulia’s research. Boston’s low affordability score doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the lowest ranked neighborhood on the list’s median home value is still over $350,000.

Rank Neighborhood Median Home Value
1 Lyn Woods $352,088
2 Highland Park $427,503
3 Mission Hill $498,742
4 Sav-Mor $420,508
5 Uphams Corner-Jones Hill $433,297
5 Washington Park $398,619
5 St. Elizabeth’s $374,744
8 Bowdoin North-Mount Bowdoin $428,500
8 Dudley-Brunswick King $376,829
8 Meeting House Hill $367,276

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