Maria Luker, Vice President of Mortgage Lending & Senior Loan Officer

Guaranteed Rate

With over 25 years of mortgage lending experience under her belt, Maria Luker encounters no surprises. Her many years in the business mean she understands the issues and challenges that can come up during loan origination, and she’s proactive enough to prevent them before they arise.

Luker went to school for finance and accounting and entered the business world in sales. When several of her customers in the mortgage industry noticed her talent for sales, they suggested she give the mortgage business a try. “My experience with sales and my education in finance helped me excel in the mortgage industry pretty quickly,” Luker shares. “For me it was the best of both worlds.”

Well-versed in all mortgage products, Luker always knows how best to serve her clients. They appreciate her accessibility, as well as the advisory role she takes on during the preapproval process. Additionally, her team of processors and her sales assistant allow her to delegate responsibilities and be more available to her clients, even on nights and weekends.

Luker has been in the president’s club at every bank she’s worked at for the past 15 years. She’s recognized as a top producer in Massachusetts and is proud to have helped so many first-time homebuyers in 2022.

When not at work, Luker loves spending time outdoors on hikes or long walks and refinishing furniture in her home. Her favorite pastime is meeting up with friends, having coffee and splitting wood together.

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