James Solimini, Branch Manager, Sr. Loan Officer

Guaranteed Rate

After 12 years in the mortgage business, James Solimini believes his honesty and transparency set him apart from other lenders. Branch manager and senior loan officer with Guaranteed Rate, Solimini insists he will never over promise if he knows he cannot deliver, and he will always over communicate. “The most-important part of my business is to answer the phone when someone is calling me,” he explains. “Whether it is a new client inquiry or someone calling about an issue with a current file, my No. 1 job is to answer the phone and handle whatever needs to be handled. If there is an issue with a file and I don’t have a solution at that time, I will admit that and work on the solution, but not answering when someone needs me does nothing but cause unnecessary stress for all involved.”

Specializing in first-time homebuyers in the Boston area, Solimini is also licensed in all of New England as well as Florida, Colorado, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. With a 100% referral business, he credits his success to understanding guidelines. “When new programs come out, I love to study the parameters to know what I can and cannot do and be able to present those options to my clients,” he says. “There are many small nuances and caveats to loan programs that can make or break a deal. Understanding all options is vital to being successful in this business by simply being able to help more people.”

Named in the top 1% of mortgage originators by Mortgage Executive Magazine since 2016, Solimini is a longtime member of BNI Newell, a chapter of the world’s leading business networking and referral organization. He is also the incoming president of Rotary Club of Braintree.

A 2022 newlywed, Solimini enjoys golfing, boating and snowboarding. “I love living in the northeast, where I am able to take full advantage of all the seasons,” he says.

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