The Elevated Residential Team

J. Daniel Duval, Managing Partner

John Dolan, Luxury Sales

Corey O’Neill, Luxury Sales

Without a doubt, communicating complex real estate issues succinctly to clients has been a huge asset to Dan Duval, John Dolan and Corey O’Neill of Elevated Residential. Founded in 2014 by partners Dan Duval and J.D. Wild, Elevated is a boutique luxury sales and marketing brokerage specializing in high-end new construction and pre-construction condos. The firm represents buyers, sellers and developers in Boston’s South Boston, Seaport, East Boston and Dorchester neighborhoods.

Since they have walked through and sold in just about every new development in Boston, Elevated’s team can provide insight that most firms cannot when it comes to navigating complex transactions. Matching buyers with condos that check all the boxes on their must-have lists and giving developers accurate pricing based on comps and their market expertise are what they do best.

“There are numerous additional curve balls that you encounter when selling real estate that is not built yet,” says Duval, the Managing Partner. “Deals can last for 12 to 24 months. Communication with clients is key.”

All three team members honed their communication skills working in the nightlife/hospitality industry. Talking to clients, marketing themselves and growing the business through networking came easily to Duval and his luxury sales team of Dolan and O’Neill. O’Neill is the former general manager of a large Boston sports bar, and Dolan was among the premier DJs in Boston for almost a decade. Named a 2020 top agent by Top Agent Magazine, Duval previously worked full time as a corporate lawyer, handling real estate transactions on the side, before jumping in and pursuing real estate full time.

Despite being effectively shut down for two months due to COVID-19 and many delayed closings, 2020 was one of the best years in Elevated’s six-year history. To give back, they support numerous local nonprofit organizations and recently ran a 13-day Christmas giveaway that supported local businesses in South Boston.


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