Raymond Chouinard, Senior Loan Officer

Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.

As a veteran of the mortgage industry, Raymond Chouinard knows what works. Chouinard takes a more personal approach to his business because he understands that his clients deserve to speak to a human being, not just a name on their computer screen or a voice on the phone. Since 1999, he has been making the extra effort to ensure his clients are comfortable and well prepared for their futures.

Chouinard has spent his entire career in the real estate and mortgage worlds. After working in real estate part time throughout college and for five years after graduating, it only made sense that he transition into a mortgage professional. Now with over 21 years of experience, he is a senior loan officer at the Danvers branch of Draper and Kramer Mortgage.

To help his clients succeed, Chouinard employs long-term thinking and strategies. He helps borrowers plan for five and even 10 years down the line. Because he takes a deep dive into customers’ financial goals and lifestyles, Chouinard really puts their futures in focus. “I make sure that I’m always available for my clients,” he says. “I want to be there to answer any questions and guide them through the process.”

Despite the twists and turns of 2020, Chouinard closed over $53 million in loans for the year. He’s kept the loan process as smooth as possible by utilizing the technology available to him and embracing the tools he has right now.

Missing the face-to-face conversations he’s accustomed to, Chouinard hopes to be able to interact with all his clients personally again in the near future. “I’ve always tried to meet new clients in person,” he says. “I believe you build more of a connection that way, opening the door to going from one-time clients to clients for life.”

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