Greg Giokas, Residential Mortgage Services

Greg Giokas
Senior Loan Officer
Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

Greg Giokas wants every transaction to feel as effortless as possible for his clients. As a senior loan officer at Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. with 15 years of experience in the industry, Giokas serves first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, and second-home buyers within the city and greater Boston area.

Within the past year, Giokas has increased his purchase business by over 40 percent in a competitive and demanding Boston market.

He is lauded for his keen ability to decipher complicated problems and break them down for his client and referral partners. He learned these skills at an early age, having grown up in a household with immigrant parents who needed his help with translations, household decisions, budgeting and more.

After graduating from Brandeis University, Giokas carried these values with him as he entered the mortgage business. “My parents are great people – the salt of the earth. They are honest, trustworthy and reliable – and they’re great listeners. I took their principles and applied them to the mortgage business, and it’s really helped me,” he says.

Giokas has also adopted the newest technology and integrated it into his mortgage process to help improve the client’s overall experience.

Along with praise from clients, Giokas has received numerous accolades for his success, including recognition by both The Expert Network and Top Agent magazine, as well as inclusion among the Top 1% of Originators in America by Mortgage Executive magazine. He has also received the Affiliate Member of the Year award from the Greater Boston Association of Realtors.

Giokas is a member of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors and a supporter of the Sitaram Emani Research Fund.

When he’s not helping clients find the best lending solution, Giokas enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, doing CrossFit and skiing.

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