The Short List: Christine Lindemer’s Straightforward Methods for Maximizing Your Internet Exposure

by Boston Agent


Christine Lindemer is a Realtor with Century 21 North Shore/Howe

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Christine Lindemer, a Realtor with Century 21 North Shore/Howe, for her tips on how agents can truly help their clients.

10. ‘Sharing’ – This is a feature of a lot of apps, such as Facebook and mobicard (digital business cards). Whatever you have to say can be shared across platforms and devices (think Smartphone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

9. ‘Liking’ – This is easy to do on Facebook and other platforms. Just click away on the ‘thumbs up’ symbol! Of course, you can’t ‘Like’ everything, but liking sends good vibes to people who put themselves out there with postings and photos they find interesting and important.

8. Guest Blogging – If you don’t have time to set up and maintain a blog, try guest blogging to share your expertise. For those who have not yet attempted to blog, it’s just writing! If you write well enough, your ideas may be ‘liked’ or even shared!

7. SEO Optimization – Search engine optimization causes your links to rank higher on Web searches. You can pay to have this service performed on your website or do it yourself. The idea here is to have ‘keywords’ embedded in the text of your Web content so that you’re easier to find amongst stiff competition.

6. ‘Friending’ – We’re all getting ‘friendlier’ than we used to be! We now need to reach out and befriend folks we’ve lost touch with, people we’ve just met and friends of our associates if we want to stay current on the Internet. And try not to be too sensitive if you don’t get friended back by everybody; they’re not necessarily ‘unfriendly’!

5. Photography – If you’re not great with words, try the many uses of photos, which lend themselves well to the Internet. Instagram is one of those. Photos taken with your phone can be easily uploaded (and also filtered for enhancement) to Internet sites such as Facebook. That is useful for new listings, faces of happy clients and your home staging ideas.

4. Social Bookmarking – This is accomplished by creating interesting copy or snapping unique photos and later getting ‘bookmarked’ on sites such as Pinterest, Google Plus+ or Tumblr.

3. YouTube Videos – These can be added to your websites, shared, tweeted and so on. You don’t have to create the videos! People who create them want them to be viewed. If you have a client who needs to paint their refrigerator or wire a light fixture, there’s a YouTube for that out there!

2. Hashtags – These can be embedded in or put at the end of tweets on Twitter. For example, typing #mortgage after a tweet about financing allows folks to click on #mortgage to search on all recent tweets about mortgages. You are doing someone a favor to add a useful hashtag to a tweet about their product or service. Think relationships!

1. Email – Put links in your emails to your website or to other platforms where you have a Web presence, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Christine Lindemer is a Realtor with Century 21 North Shore/Howe. A Massachusetts resident for 25 years (18 of which have been in Groton as a small historic farm and orchard owner), Christine is also an accredited ASP Home Staging professional, and offers complimentary home staging consultation and assistance with all new listing agreements.

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