Majority of Bostonians Now Live in Rental Housing


Just how dramatic has housing shifted towards rentals, in the last seven years?


Sixty percent of Boston residents now live in rental housing, up from 55 percent in 2006; as if that weren’t enough, the renter population in Boston is up 23 percent in the last seven years, and while construction of rental units is up 15 percent, construction of owner units is down 5 percent – a disparity that explains Boston’s affordability crisis as well as anything.

Those were some of the findings in a hugely informative study from the NYU Furman Center, which set out to chronicle the U.S. trend away from ownership and towards renting; we’ve long heard that major U.S. cities were embarking on such trends, the Furman Center study has shed a new light on just how pronounced that transformation has been.

See our infographic below for more details:

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