Joseph M. Garjian, Founder and President

Northeastern Mortgage LLC

For many, the mortgage process is full of twists and turns, and it helps to have a sounding board for all the questions and concerns that arise. A “sounding board” is exactly what Joseph M. Garjian of Northeastern Mortgage LLC is known to provide his clients, along with personal relationships and lightning-fast responses.

“I take a personalized approach,” says this 17-year lending veteran, who originally got into the business after seeing a friend flourish in it. Garjian decided to join in the fun and has never looked back. “Everyone is unique, as are their situations,” he says. “This is such an important financial decision, and I believe people want details and genuinely want to learn about how this process works.”

Known for on-the-fly problem-solving abilities, a keen ability to anticipate and address challenges, and clear, upfront expectation-setting for buyers, Garjian helps customers assess their goals and feel comfortable with their payments and rate. His ultimate goal? To make sure that he is there for his clients and keeps each loan transaction moving smoothly.

Garjian and his team assist buyers with a full suite of lending products, ranging from conventional and FHA loans to renovation and commercial ones. In fact, with Garjian’s trademark approach to empowering and enlightening his customers, he and his team have built a 100% referral-based business — something Garjian values highly. “The fact that colleagues, friends or family put their name and reputation on the line and refer me to help with this important financial decision is very humbling,” he says.

This family man and father of three values providing his clients with a small-town, personalized experience. “Clients are not just a number; they matter to us,” remarks Garjian. “They put their trust in us, and we set them on the right course.”

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