Matthew Attaya, Senior Loan Officer

Residential Mortgage Services

Americans will never forget the year 2020. Despite the challenges, Matt Attaya, senior loan officer at Residential Mortgage Services, was able to assist a record number of homeowners in purchasing or refinancing their homes. In a tough year, this 16-year veteran loan officer saw his closings go from $104 million in 2019 to a whopping $176 million in 2020.

“Once we went into lockdown, there was an explosion in the sale of real estate in the area,” Attaya says. “There were multiple bids on every property, and many times the seller accepted the offer that had the quickest turn time.” Enter Team Attaya, which consistently closes its loans in 30 days. By meeting every date and contingency, Attaya received a growing volume of referrals.

“I know the importance of every date in this process,” he notes. “I pride myself on never missing them.” As his volume nearly doubled in 2020, this all happened entirely by referrals. “I spend the extra time before closing having a detailed conversation with each borrower,” he explains, pointing out that this gives him and his team the ability to adjust on the fly.

Ranked among the top 200 mortgage originators in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine, Attaya still gets to know each borrower individually. “I respect that each borrower was recommended to me personally,” he says. “It’s not in my nature to step away from that, because I want each transaction to be perfect.” Attaya has about 240 five-star reviews and countless testimonials on Zillow. “Each borrower must have a perfect mortgage experience,” he explains.

This family man relies on his strong team and passion for the business to make it all happen. “I am always available for my customers,” Attaya insists. “The mortgage business never sleeps.”

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