Best Business Practices

Is it legal to talk to a competitor’s client?

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors has released a guide on better understanding when it’s improper to contact a competitor’s client.

3 ways landlords can be a resource for struggling tenants

Being proactive and finding ways to connect renters with assistance can help property owners and managers stand out as leaders in troubled times.

How COVID-19 may change the meaning of a lead

Real estate portals and iBuyers are changing the way they operate in the short term to cope with the chaos created by the coronavirus pandemic. But the entire lead generation system might be in for an overhaul, according to real estate analyst Mike DelPrete.

Two ways agents can fail buyers and sellers, according to your clients

A new Century 21 study found that most consumers are satisfied with their experience during the transaction, but there are a few fixes that real estate professionals could implement to improve the situation.

How to avoid a data-breach nightmare

Don’t get caught “running naked through the woods.”

Hiring an assistant? Be careful when doling out tasks

There are specific rules for what unlicensed assistants can do in Massachusetts. Check out our quick guide on what tasks they are precluded from performing.

Should Boston brokers disclose home hauntings?

It’s a common TV trope, but what should you know when dealing with a home that may be haunted?

What your lawyer wishes you knew about real estate auctions

Auctions have changed a great deal in the last decade. Do you know what you need to know to represent your clients in this environment? Bob Floss II, real estate attorney at Floss Law, LLC in Northbrook, Illinois, has recommends social media tips for growing your real estate brand

Ok, so you didn’t get into real estate to become a social media guru. And maybe you don’t even like being on social media. Get over it! Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be yet another arduous marketing

5 tips for Realtors working with senior homeowners

Review the process: It is not at all uncommon for seniors to have been living in their home for 30 or more years. For this reason, the legal and logistics issues associated with selling their home are probably unfamiliar

How Keller Williams enhanced the agent experience to become No. 1, according to CEO and President John Davis

In 2017, Keller Williams had one of its best years in terms of growth, sales and volume. By the end of the year, the company boasted a No. 1 ranking in number of agents, units sold and sales volume

Harborside Sotheby’s International Realty agent Dana Bull: How younger buyers will fare in 2018

It’s no industry secret that millennials have enormous buying power — the National Association of Realtors found that homebuyers 36 and younger made up the largest share of buyers this year at 34 percent. They may be an intimidating

Winter real estate blues? Take our cues

The frantic spring and summer buying season often leaves agents dreaming about a winter slowdown so they can take a break, kick back and relax. But don’t take advantage of the slow season too much: Once you recharge a

The future of Boston real estate: A Q&A with GBAR Realtor of the Year Marie Presti

What makes you so passionate about working in real estate? There is nothing that makes me happier than helping people with one of their most important financial assets. I feel like I make a real difference in their lives, and

Realtor Safety Month: Tips for staying safe on the job

Now that August has passed and the real estate industry is recovering from a dizzyingly busy summer, it’s time for agents to brush up on industry fundamentals, such as safety. September marks the beginning of Realtor Safety Month from

The 4 Professional Behaviors that Make You Look Smart – and the 4 that Don’t

Everyone wants to appear smart, but new research suggests that there are specific approaches one must take. First impressions are hugely important in real estate, and it’s especially important that you present yourself in an intelligent, learned light; after

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