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The Secret Reason Why Housing Hasn’t Fully Recovered Yet

New survey data has uncovered the secret reason for why housing has yet to fully recover – though admittedly, it’s a pretty straightforward explanation. #144553105 / Interest rates remain at historic lows. Home price gains have moderated, and

Immigrants to Play Huge Role in Future Housing Market

Immigrants already play a large role in housing, but that role will only grow more pronounced in the coming years. #118977667 / Here’s an eye-opening stat for you – from 2010 to 2020, immigrants in the U.S. will

Housing Starts, Driven by Multifamily Sector, Exceed Expectations in July

With a strong multifamily sector driving activity, housing construction put up some fantastic numbers in July. #162749020 / The homebuilding sector exceeded expectations in July, with housing starts soaring to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.093 million, according

Million-Dollar Loans Surge to Highest Level Ever in 2014

We’ve been reporting for some time that housing is being largely driven by higher-income consumers (while first-time homebuyer numbers stall), but new stats on mortgages in 2014 really drive that trend home. Check out our infographic below for some

The 5 Reasons that Millennials are Still Living with Their Parents

Millennials are poised to be the next big source of housing demand, but far too many of them are still grounded in their parent’s homes; why is that? Using new survey data from Fannie Mae, we’ve put together the

Improving Personal Finances Help Encourage Positive Housing Outlook

Improvements to the housing market have been pushing the nation towards recovery, but a new survey says some consumers remain wary. #186817598 / While housing, in many parts of the country, has seen a steady stream of improvements

Goldman Sachs Finds No. 1 Factor Fueling Millennial Loan Rejection

Lending standards have loosened since a year ago, but student debt is still keeping Millennials out of homeownership. #173865930 / So much is said about why Millennials have been largely staying away from the housing market, but a

3 Negotiating Techniques To Manage Your Own Assertiveness

Negotiations call for a certain amount of assertiveness to make sure your clients get what they deserve, but how do you when it’s enough? #182793260 / One of the hallmarks of a quality negotiator, especially in regards to real

The 4 Sobering Things You Should Know About the Changes to FICO

Recent analysis by the CFPB has spurred changes to FICO, but how will those changes impact your real estate business, if at all? #114854649 / FICO, aka the most prevalent credit-rating system in the U.S. and a key

3 Ways that Millennials Will Change Housing

Millennials will be a major force in future housing markets, but they’ll also bring with them considerable changes. #145565779 / Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – Millennials are the next big source of housing demand,

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