The Nation’s Mortgage Markets – in Two Easy Charts


The residential mortgage marketplace is often made into a complicated beast, but we’ve got two charts that explain it easily.

The residential mortgage market is a massive, multi-trillion dollar behemoth, and as such, it can often be troublesome deciphering what exactly is going on in the industry – and then communicating that to your clients.

Thankfully, we have analytic firms like Black Knight around to lend us some perspective, and their latest report is chockfull of interesting details and analysis.

Our graphs below, though, cut straight to the three most important stats: delinquencies, foreclosure inventory and foreclosure starts, and where they’ve gone in the last year.

One thing we will point out – as you can see below, after a sustained period of declines, all three measurements are back up in recent months. Does this correspond with the rise in REO properties, which we recently reported on? We shall see.

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