Want to buy a house in Boston? Here’s how much you’ll need for a down payment

by Timothy Inklebarger

You may need to save only about $1,200 a month for a year for a down payment on a home in a major city, or maybe it’s closer to $200,000 – it really depends on where you live.

That’s according to a new report by Realtor.com, which shows the wide disparity in home prices across the country.

The analysis of 20 top metro areas across the country shows the median home sale price, medium down payment and how much prospective homebuyers would have to save over one, three or five years to hit their goal.

Boston area homes are among the most expensive in the country with a median home sale price of $472,000 and a down payment of $76,500 at 16 percent. At that price, homebuyers would need to save $6,323 a month for one year, $2,070 for three years or $1,219 for five.

That’s slightly more than double the least expensive market of St. Louis, where the median home sale is $195,000 and the median down payment is $14,200 at 7 percent. In San Francisco, the most expensive market, buyers would need to save up $212,000 at 24 percent to afford the median home price of $888,000.

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