Maria Luker, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending/Senior Loan Officer

Guaranteed Rate


With 26 years of experience, Maria Luker is now the No. 1 mortgage lender on the MassHousing.com website for Middlesex, Essex and Norfolk counties in Massachusetts. Her goal? “I’m striving to be No. 1 on the website for all markets,” she says. Luker has excelled in lending for the affordable housing market, as well as for first-time homebuyers, veterans and FHA markets.

She explains that her entry into mortgage lending was serendipitous. “I went to college for accounting and finance,” she recalls, “but I always liked real estate, so mortgage lending was a great fit.” Her transition from copier sales to mortgage lending was prompted by encouragement from clients.

Luker’s approach to business is characterized by making the process enjoyable. “I like to make it fun, easy and I’m driven to get it done,” she says. “Clients say I am helpful, always available, happy to explain and help them understand the process.”

Beyond her professional accomplishments, she enjoys volunteering her time to conduct community homebuying seminars. When not immersed in the world of mortgages, she pursues her passion for rebuilding a 1950 Ford F-1 pickup, showcasing her diverse interests and talents outside of her professional pursuits.

Luker’s availability, commitment and passion make her a standout in her industry. In the ever-changing landscape of mortgage lending, she’s able to navigate the fluctuations with grace. “I wake up every day in this industry with the wild ups and downs of interest rates,” she remarks. “And I come back the next day to work and handle the same thing all over again.”

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