Candice Pagliarulo Hodgson, Principal Broker

Lyv Realty


Raised in a family deeply rooted in construction and introduced to the realm of real estate by her aunt and mentor during her teenage years, Candice Pagliarulo Hodgson found herself drawn to the dynamic nature of the business. Starting out by answering phones and assisting agents at a local real estate office, she quickly proved her mettle, taking on operational responsibilities ranging from accounts receivable to marketing. Determined and driven, Hodgson wasted no time, obtaining her real estate license the very day she turned 18, already armed with the knowledge acquired during a pre-license class taken at age 17.

Since then, Hodgson’s ascent in the real estate world has been nothing short of meteoric. As the principal broker, stager and licensed real estate instructor at Lyv Realty, she has not only built a thriving business but has also assumed the role of mentor to countless other agents. Under her guidance, Lyv Realty has flourished into a power brokerage, boasting a team of nearly 50 agents spread across three offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, she has cultivated a culture at Lyv Realty that prioritizes people over profits. Beyond the boardroom, Hodgson’s commitment to serving her community is unwavering. Through initiatives like the LYV-KIND project, she and her team actively support charitable endeavors, from food drives to Habitat for Humanity home-building projects and more, embodying the belief that true success comes from giving back.

When she’s not busy leading Lyv Realty to new heights, Hodgson enjoys the simple pleasures of life, whether it’s spending quality time with her family, escaping to their home in Maine or savoring a quiet moment with a cup of tea. In a world driven by ambition, Hodgson stands out not only for her professional achievements but also for her unwavering commitment to leading by example and making a positive impact on those around her.

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