Femion Mezini, Attorney & Broker

Buyers Brokers Only LLC


For Femion Mezini, the journey into real estate didn’t begin strictly as a career choice. It was sparked by a transformative voyage to the island of St. John, where he invested his savings in a small piece of land — which, after subdividing, doubled in value in six months. That success was just the beginning for Mezini, who shortly after was able to complete his law and MBA degrees in just 2 1/2 years.

After a brief stint as a successful litigation attorney, he realized his true calling was real estate. “Obtaining my broker’s license in 2007 and joining Buyers Brokers Only LLC in 2009 was a turning point,” he recalls. His expertise in law, investing and real estate positioned him as a formidable force serving the Greater Boston area. “Being an attorney, having flipped dozens of properties, owning and managing over 70 investment units, having built my own home and having representing only buyers in over 400 transactions makes me rather unique,” he remarks. It’s that background and experience that consistently rank him among the top 1% of real estate agents in the country.

As he navigates a competitive market characterized by fluctuating rates and tight inventory, Mezini has an approach to real estate that stands out. By representing so many buyers, he has the insight to advise his former clients, who are now sellers, as they prepare to list their properties. His evolution within the industry is a testament to his versatility.

Looking ahead, Mezini remains resolute in his commitment to helping buyers navigate the complexities of the real estate market. “I see myself as a genuine advisor and consultant,” he emphasizes. At the core of his professional ethos lies a deep-rooted foundation of trust with his clients, a bond he cherishes. “Most of my former clients have become my friends,” he says.

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