Jason Deeb, Senior Mortgage Planner

MSA Mortgage LLC


Making maximum use of his financial background, Jason Deeb has continued his successful and extensive career as the senior mortgage planner at MSA Mortgage LLC. As somebody with considerable experience in both finance and economics, Deeb prides himself on using his profound investment knowledge to help his clients capitalize the most on their loans, making the process as efficient and fruitful as possible.

A Massachusetts native through and through, Boston energy emanates from Deeb, and he channels that spirit into helping newcomers feel welcome and fall in love with the city. “Many of my clients are couples or young families that are searching for their first or second condo in the city,” he says, “I enjoy cultivating relationships with my clients and that has really paid off.” He ascribes his career accomplishments to how he approaches his connections with his clients, which in turn allows him to gather most of his business through referrals. “I don’t see myself as a salesperson, but rather an advisor that is committed to fulfilling the needs of my clients,” he reveals. “Taking care of my client is how I have built my career.”

Philanthropy plays a major role in Deeb’s life, and he is a founding board member of The 11 Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to his dear friend Michael Mason. “The organization is dedicated to upholding a community that nurtures and supports the young men and women of Mason’s hometown of Winthrop and his alma mater, Bentley University,” Deeb declares.

When Deeb isn’t helping young families finance their dream home, he enjoys playing golf in Winthrop and spending time with his two sons, Zaki and Elias.

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