Southern cities lead in new construction

by Evi Arthur

The Census Bureau recently released a report for February 2019, showing a shortage of homes on the market. Despite a national drop in construction of new homes, a few cities have still been able to push permits for new residential housing. compiled a list of the top 10 cities with increased construction over the past year, citing census data, to see which cities awarded the most permits for new residences.

Reports have shown that housing affordability is the lowest it has been in years and the number of housing starts has decreased nationally, making it difficult for buyers to find affordable housing.

Topping the list was Dallas with 63,421 permits for new residential construction, a 2.8 percent increase from last year. Coming in second was Houston with 57,021 permits for new construction pushed through, a whopping 33.6 percent increase from February last year. The two Texas cities were followed closely by New York, Atlanta and Phoenix, all of which saw 30,000+ building permits approved.

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