Viewpoints: Robin Wish, Realtor, Real Living Realty Group, Medfield

by Alonzo Turner


Robin Wish is a Realtor with Real Living Realty Group working in Medfield. 

Every week, we ask an Boston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in Boston real estate.

This week, we talked with Robin Wish, a Realtor with Real Living Realty Group. 

Boston Agent (BA): What helps young brokerages like Real Living stand out in Boston?

Robin Wish (RW): While we may have the new office in town – the agents associated with our office are people the community already know! We live in the area, our children attend school together, we support the community and we list and sell real estate to our clients, friends and family. The difference is we are a smaller organization and our leadership is closer to the community. For me, opening a new office was simply coming home! I moved to Boston in 1986 and built my first house in Medfield in 1993. I began at DeWolfe Real Estate in Medfield in 1999. Real Living is a young organization, launched in 2002.  Industry insiders have applauded Real Living for its innovation, leadership and most productive agents. Our office was built to focus on what our clients desire: information, accessibility, marketing, experience and results.

BA: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about managing agents?

RW: Our group is more of a collaborative organization. While we certainly have policies, this is not a traditional pyramid organization. We don’t have individual offices inside our office, ours is an open space. People come and go, clients and agents can grab a bottle of water, coffee or a snack. As agents, we talk about how to maximize exposure for our listings, we utilize experts to manage our marketing.  We have an on staff IT manager, and a design center. With our soft furniture, the place looks more like a Starbucks sitting area than a real estate office. We are fostering an environment of working together for the benefit of all…the idea that the sum is greater than the parts.  It’s a growing concept in many business sectors. Our agents are seasoned professionals, our office atmosphere is meant to grow and support – it is critical to have such an environment when we help our clients manage a very intensive financial and emotional change.

BA: You have a fairly strong presence on Facebook. How important is social media to your online strategy?

RW: Now more than ever it’s important to be seen across a multitude of platforms when it comes to both branding yourself and showcasing your listings. We know that our customers are everywhere and with more and more “noise” in their lives, it’s important to make sure we touch them via multiple channels. Social Media is a crucial part of that puzzle. It allows us to stay top of mind while offering useful information to the people most likely to do business with us. We put a great amount of resources into it to make sure we project the right message to the right people via this platform.

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