Viewpoints: Marcia Boston, Realtor, ePlace Realty, Cambridge

by Alonzo Turner


Marcia Boston is a Realtor with ePlace Realty working in Cambridge.

Every week, we ask an Boston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in Boston real estate.

This week, we talked with Marcia Boston, a Realtor with ePlace Realty.

Boston Agent (BA): As someone who got in to real estate later in life, what were the challenges you faced switching careers and how have your past experiences assisted you as an agent?

Marcia Boston (MB): Getting into real estate later in life has been a challenge but not an overwhelming one. If you have experience in business, customer service and sales it is not  hard to translate these skills into a real estate career. In my former life I have been a worked as an artist/craftsperson, a teacher, a Child Care Director and an entrepreneur/business owner. All these jobs helped prepare me to be a successful real estate agent.

The most difficult thing for me has been getting the basic information specific to the field that I needed at the beginning and still need. I have found “training” is a loose term.  My “training” has basically come  from webinars, reading and asking questions from other agents as things arise. I do wish there was more of a “team” attitude in real estate and that is way different from my other experiences.

BA: So much of the homebuying process takes place online these days. In your experience, what do listing syndication sites like Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com have to offer? And are you excited about Trulia and Zillow joining forces, why or why not?

MB: I think ZIllow, Trulia and Realtor.com do offer agents some leads and exposure to our field that is of value. The internet is here and is a viable way people are finding their homes, so why not use it? As far as Zillow and Trulia merging, who knows? That’s a wait and see thing for me.

BA: What sets Boston apart from other major Northeastern metros, like New York City? Why would a relocating buyer choose Boston?

MB: Boston is a great little city. I remember when I moved here from New York City I said ” I thought this was a city!” I was shocked it was so small. Now I can appreciate the fact that it is so much more liveable than NYC, easier to navigate and just generally more people friendly. There is more and more going on in Boston in the arts and music scenes and for families there is a ton to do! Plus the communities close to the city are also very easy to get to and are still easily accessible to downtown so one has a choice of quiet outlying areas and living in the midst of it all.

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