Dimitri Petrosian, Realtor

Elevated Boston


Real estate and entrepreneurship are in Dimitri Petrosian’s DNA. Born and raised in the Waltham/Watertown area, Petrosian shares that his family has always been involved in real estate investing. His own journey into real estate is intertwined with Boston’s very fabric. “I learned the areas and markets I serve from growing up here,” he explains. With nearly four years of experience under his belt, Petrosian’s expertise lies in uncovering pre-market and off-market opportunities.

Before his real estate career took off, Petrosian was a partner at 6one7 Productions, a nightlife hospitality company in Boston. Although still involved in 6one7, he transitioned into real estate full time at the onset of the pandemic. “My prior career came to a screeching halt with Covid, which gave me time to focus on other opportunities,” he recounts, adding that his family encouraged him to take the leap.

Transparency is the cornerstone of Petrosian’s approach. “Most of my clients say they appreciate the transparency I provide,” he reveals. Unlike agents who prioritize closing deals at any cost, Petrosian prioritizes building long-term relationships. “I never push them to buy, sell or lease something just to get a deal done.”

What sets Petrosian apart from the crowd? His experience in the business, which helps him rise above the competition. Learning from every transaction, he’s honed his skills to navigate the intricate real estate landscape with finesse. In addition to his partnership in 6one7, he is a partner in The Flamingo in the North End and an investor in Reel House East Boston and Antonio’s Bacari in Hyde Park.

Beyond real estate, Dimitri cherishes his role as a husband and father. “Becoming a father to my daughter Celine taught me the importance of being present and living in the moment,” he shares.

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