The Shulkin Wilk Group


Claudia Andelman, Realtor

Joanne Baron, Realtor

Wyndham Flaherty, Realtor

Craig Goldstein, Realtor

Deanna Griffiths, Realtor

Natalie Marsh, Realtor

Tanja Tatelman, Realtor

Lori Dawson, Realtor & Transaction Coordinator

Christine Shechtman, Realtor & Transaction Coordinator

It’s no surprise that with 50-plus years of combined real estate experience, The Shulkin Wilk Group team members are seasoned professionals. They hail from a wide variety of backgrounds, from medical to entrepreneurial, and combine their individual strengths to create a collaborative environment for their team and provide dedicated service to their clients.

The team serves the areas of Wellesley, Weston, Needham, Newton, Wayland, Westwood and Chestnut Hill and has at least one team member living in each of the primary towns they serve. Whether it’s providing a wealth of information on the best schools, shops and restaurants or getting involved in the community, the Shulkin Wilk team members are deeply invested in the Metrowest towns they serve. 

“I pride myself on my customer service,” says one team member, Joanne Baron, who is also a talented chef and former cafe owner in Weston. “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than working with clients from start to finish and achieving their goal, whether buying or selling.”

Whether it’s Tanja and Natalie’s fun Instagram reels and Tik Tok videos or sneak peeks of new properties and decorating tips on the team’s page, The Shulkin Wilk Group is able to catapult client homes into the spotlight with top marketing strategies and a thriving social media presence.

The greatest benefit of working with The Shulkin Wilk Group is that clients feel the collaborative efforts of the team while still having the benefit of a primary agent so they don’t lose that one-on-one connection. There’s truly no ego on the team. Each member wants to see their teammates — and most importantly, their teammates’ clients — thrive, and they work toward that goal by sharing information and tips and bouncing ideas off each other regularly.

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