Jonathan DaSilva, Real Estate Advisor

EVO Real Estate Group


Developers and homeowners in Eastern Massachusetts have trusted EVO Real Estate Group advisor Jonathan DaSilva with their transactions for more than five years. He deals with a variety of product types, including single-family homes, new or mixed-use developments and commercial acquisitions.

Among his professional accomplishments, DaSilva takes pride in his role in sourcing and negotiating a 20-unit project for a developer client. In 2021, EVO recognized him as Content King. 

Before moving in to real estate, DaSilva worked as a BMW technician, where he honed the customer service and troubleshooting skills that enable him to excel as a real estate advisor. He states that clients appreciate the way he represents them during a transaction. They also value his strong work ethic, creative mindset and superior negotiation skills. 

“I think what makes me successful is that I bring a lot of value to the table,” DaSilva explains. “It can be attributed to multiple skills and abilities, but If I had to choose one, it would be sales.” He also cites two qualities that set him apart from his competitors: “I’m a unique, outside-the-box thinker, and my marketing skills keep me above my competition.” 

When working with clients, DaSilva strives to make the process easy and enjoyable. As he summarizes, “I use the KISS method – Keep It Simple, Stupid. I make it fun and seamless.” He and his fellow team members are united in their pursuit of excellence. “We’re all working to achieve one common goal: To be the best in the industry,” DaSilva relates. “And our individual and combined success speaks for itself.”

When he has free time, DaSilva loves spending time in the great outdoors. He also enjoys exploring Boston’s exciting dining options.

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