George & Manny Sarkis

The Sarkis Team, Douglas Elliman

George Sarkis, Partner & CEO

Manny Sarkis, Partner & COO

In Boston real estate, two brothers have created a brand that consistently stands out as a high producer — and a team known for extensive knowledge of the area, as well as a keen ability to relate to clients in every segment of the market. George Sarkis, partner and CEO, and brother Manny Sarkis, partner and COO, of the Sarkis Team at Douglas Elliman have spent over a decade creating what will undoubtedly be an indelible legacy in the area.

Growing up together in Boston, the duo now handles everything from first-time buyers to multimillion-dollar megadeals, working in every Massachusetts setting from downtown Boston to the Cape. “Wherever our clients go,” they say, “that’s where we go.”

Those clients believe the Sarkis Team all bring a deep work ethic, great organization, unparalleled knowledge about the Boston market and general area, and a transparent communication style to their experiences. “We consider ourselves 24/7 real estate advisors, being consistently available to service our clients’ individual needs,” they remark. This often includes providing extremely responsive and consistent feedback to those making life-changing, big-dollar decisions.

Such was the case in one record-breaking deal last year. The big fish was a massive $41M property, which allowed the team to finish 2020 with nearly $147M in closed sales — and another $14.3M under contract as they headed into the new year. No wonder the Sarkis Team has been a top one at Douglas Elliman of Massachusetts throughout 2019 and 2020.

“Our team of experts represents the best and brightest in the industry,” they say. “Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource to guide them through the complex world of real estate.” Together, the Sarkis Team plans to do just that for years to come.


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