Real Estrange

Life under the dome

No, this mind-blowing house is not an optical illusion — it’s a geodesic dome home that would make Buckminster Fuller proud.

Taking open concept to a new level

This newly renovated condo in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood takes open concept living to a whole new level.

Get your kicks on Route 66

This German Catholic church and adjoining schoolhouse, built in the late 19th century, has been converted to a B&B, event hall and duplex — it even comes with its own fully functioning restaurant.

Taking homeschooling to another level

The structure, built in 1883, won the 2017 Archie Award for restoration and includes a blend of original and new features, such as reclaimed barn beams and restored original cherry wood floors.

This ghost town museum could be yours

Located in the historic wild west town of Pearce, Arizona, the Soto Bros. and Renaud Store was opened in 1896 and restored in 2019.

This farmhouse is a work of art

Famed architect Joe Boggs transformed this northern Virginia farmhouse into a modern work of art that’s been featured in publications like The Washington Post and Builder magazine.

Hobbit house comes with a farm

This single-family farm home is like any other, except you’re gonna have to mow the house from time to time.

This log cabin is the oldest in North America

It’s the oldest log cabin in North America still standing on its original site.

Celebrity retreat house could be yours

The so-called “Old Burris Home” in Lincoln, North Carolina, was originally owned by the owner of Burris Industries (furniture manufacturer) and served as an entertainment hot spot for celebrities such as baseball legend Mickey Mantle.

Notes from the underground

This quaint home in the rural town of Delavan, Illinois, might seem like your average ranch-style home at first glance, but that’s until you dig a little deeper.

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