How much space does $1,500 get you in Boston?

by Emily Mack

Like the housing market, apartment rental prospects have transformed in recent years. Our expectations and desires have shifted, with renters searching for more space — often at a higher price tag. And, according to a new study from RentCafe, that’s especially tough in Boston.

Of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., Boston ranked at No. 99 when it came to affordable space — beating only Manhattan! A monthly budget of $1,500, on average, affords just a 340-square-foot apartment in the popular city.

However, according to RentCafe, the average Bostonian opts for something larger, paying $3,589 for 813 square feet of space.

Additionally, there are suburbs areas within the Boston metro offer less expensive alternatives. The cheapest is in Dover, in N.H., where $1,500 can get you 832 square feet of space, followed by Lawrence (781 square feet) and Brockton (755 square feet).

via RentCafe

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