The 10 Least Affordable Neighborhoods in Boston


Where is the affordability problem particularly pronounced in the city of Boston?


Affordability is a common topic in Boston real estate circles, and for good reason. Whether it be new construction, modern living preferences or escalating demand, housing in Boston is under siege from many angles, and Mayor Martin Walsh has been at work on an ambitious affordable housing plan to combat those forces.

New research from Trulia drives home just how dire the situation has become. Below, we’ve charted the areas in Boston where the median rent exceed either $2,000 or $3,000 a month, and the share of units in the neighborhoods that are above that amount.

And though the stats below deal with rents, they hold considerable sway on the future of homeownership in Greater Boston. Research has shown that rising rents do not, contrary to popular belief, incentivize homeownership, but rather, make homeownership more difficult to attain; after all, when rents are rising, consumers are therefore spending greater and greater shares of their income to cover those rents, and are unable to save for a down payment.

Neighborhood Share of 1-Bedroom Apartments Renting for $2,000+ Median Rent
West End 96.6% $2,575
Chinatown/Leather District 93.9% $3,245
Downtown Boston 88.9% $2,875
Back Bay 85.3% $2,500
South End 79.4% $2,500
Beacon Hill 74.7% $2,250
Charlestown 71.7% $2,400
Bay Village 69.5% $2,400
South Boston 66.6% $2,476
Fenway-Kenmore 58.5% $2,100
Neighborhood Share of 2-Bedroom Apartments Renting for $3,000+ Median Rent
Chinatown/Leather District 87.6% $4,550
Downtown Boston 79.1% $3,878
Back Bay 75.4% $3,650
Bay Village 59.1% $3,300
South End 56.7% $3,175
West End 56.5% $3,080
South Boston 37.2% $2,800
Fenway-Kenmore 36.3% $2,820
Charlestown 34.2% $2,800
Allston 27.0% $2,400

Photo Credit: Ingfbruno, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boston_Chinatown_Paifang.jpg

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