Jason Ladeira, Real Estate Professional



With almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Jason Ladeira proudly co-leads the Livingston Group of COMPASS. His journey in real estate began with sage advice from a mentor who recognized his innate personality, business acumen and skills, setting him on a path he never anticipated but now excels in. “Never would I have thought I would work on a team with my mentor more than 10 years later,” Ladeira says.

With a deep understanding of the Boston market and surrounding communities, Ladeira’s expertise is rooted in his firsthand experience living in various neighborhoods, including Back Bay, South End and, currently, Dorchester. Real estate was a natural progression for Ladeira. Known for his availability and ease of navigating the home-buying process, Ladeira’s clients appreciate his seamless support, even for those relocating from afar who are unable to visit properties until closing day. “The common theme from my clients continues to be that I’m always available, knowledgeable of the market and the process and that I have their best interests in mind throughout their home-buying journey,” he notes. “I try my best to keep things hassle-free for my clients.”

Ladeira values the collaborative environment that benefits both agents and clients, ensuring a streamlined experience throughout buying and selling transactions. With a client base primarily built on referrals from past satisfied clients and a wide network of agents nationwide, his reputation precedes him as Boston’s go-to Realtor for a hassle-free home-buying experience.

Ladeira was featured in “Top 100 agents in Massachusetts” in America’s Real Trends for consecutive years and has solidified himself as one of Boston’s top referral agents. “I’ve been able to consistently grow over the years in a highly competitive industry,” he shares, “building on past client referrals and networking within Boston and beyond.”

In addition to his real estate endeavors, Ladeira is deeply involved in philanthropic initiatives, advocating for human rights, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community, and supporting the military. His commitment to serving the community extends beyond real estate transactions, reflecting his genuine passion for making a positive impact.

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