Jill Fitzpatrick, Realtor

Century 21 North East

Realtor Jill Fitzpatrick’s love for Boston was fostered early on. As a child, her weekends were spent exploring the city with her mother, taking long walks through every neighborhood, appreciating everything the city has to offer. She now helps others foster their own love for Boston by guiding clients in finding their dream home, in those same neighborhoods and beyond. 

Prior to becoming licensed, Fitzpatrick worked in both the finance and home improvement construction industries. Her experiences in those professions, and the traits necessary to be successful in them, have been invaluable to her real estate career.  She places a strong focus on effective communication and listening skills which lends itself to a stronger relationship with her clients. 

Fitzpatrick has been featured in Top Agent Magazine and ranks among the top 15% of agents, according to HomeSnap. She’s also an Emerald Producer for Century 21.

A solutions-oriented person, Fitzpatrick doesn’t hesitate when it comes to fixing problems in less-than perfect transactions. “The solution needs to come first. The ‘why’ part of the problem can come second so as not to repeat it, but if the solution or resolution isn’t the first priority, then you are risking your client’s transaction and that can’t happen.  A successful outcome for the client is paramount,” Fitzpatrick says.

Fitzpatrick’s clients range from first-time buyers and sellers to seasoned investors. Her primary goal is always to make the process as stress-free as possible for her clientele. “If they feel comfortable, confident and informed all the way through to closing, I have done my job the way I feel it should be done,” she says.

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