Matthew Attaya, Senior Loan Officer

Guild Mortgage


The year 2021 was another banner year for Matt Attaya, senior loan officer at Guild Mortgage in Boston. It should be noted that out of the $146 million in his total closed volume, he closed almost $109 million (74%) in purchase volume. This concentration in purchase transactions is very important to Attaya. “I always look to help existing clients if they need to refinance to a lower rate, shorter term or cash out proceeds,” he says, “but it is not my main focus.” He wants to help new buyers in today’s competitive market, in which inventory is at all-time lows.

“It is not uncommon for a bidding war to happen on a property that is well maintained and priced to sell,” he notes, “especially in 2022.” With his vast experience and wealth of products at Guild Mortgage, he can always quickly pre-approve a buyer, whether it is during the business day, in the evening or on weekends.

The real estate community appreciates it when they see an approval from Matt. They know that the mortgage loan will be delivered on time with the contingency date met and that the closing date will never change due to lender delays. “I really do enjoy what I do,” says Attaya. “I especially like helping borrowers get into their first home and begin the next chapter.”

He lives in the Boston area but also takes to the ski slopes in New England with his family, including his two young daughters. But he always finds the time to have that initial conversation with each client. “I want to know them and have them understand that their loan process begins and ends with me,” he insists. “I am totally accountable to each borrower.” His purchase production is surely a testament to that.

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