Lior Rozhansky, Partner

Buy Boston Team, eXp Realty


For Lior Rozhansky, the road to real estate has been a series of unexpected swerves along the path to other things. Israeli-born but Boston-raised, Rozhansky says he found and fell for real estate during what was supposed to be a “gap year” in management consulting before heading to medical school.

     “I fell in love with real estate after purchasing a few investment properties,” says the former consultant. “I learned in consulting the value of analytics and organization. I bring that to my business now, approaching each transaction with structure and strategy.” Clients appreciate the analytics, financial projections and honest opinions Rozhansky provides them. “I always ask myself if I would want to buy and live in the house if I was the client,” he remarks. With these tools, Rozhansky serves clients anywhere in the immediate Boston area, ranging from city condo buyers to inventive “house hackers” and investors.

     Beyond helping clients, Rozhansky also runs the Buy Boston Team and is an active real estate investor. “I am very passionate about helping other agents be able to perform and deliver at the level that I set for myself,” he says. “The model we have was created for agents to collaborate with each other to grow their businesses and learn about wealth-building tactics such as real estate investing.” Rozhansky leverages his experience in owning a substantial multifamily portfolio in Boston for the betterment of everyone in his network. “Whether it’s clients or the agents on my team, my goal is to help everyone build wealth using this vehicle,” he insists.

     Physically active and detail-oriented in his personal and professional life, Rozhansky approaches his business with the same methodical nature and enthusiasm that he does his early morning gym workouts and recreational sports leagues. He also has a more creative side, which he has used to build up multiple YouTube channels with significant audiences.

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