Boston mayor sets sights on city buildings for more housing

by Kelly McCabe


Boston’s lack of housing — particularly affordable units — has long been a focus of Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who has a goal of adding 53,000 new housing units around the city by 2030. Now he’s focusing on a new avenue to boost housing inventory: city buildings.

The mayor is seeking input on how to redevelop more than 80 public facilities, such as schools, libraries and fire stations. The city’s request for interest also identifies 36 parking lots that could be the site of additional housing.

Not only will the initiative add housing developments but, by opening an avenue of income for the buildings, will also help cover the cost of sprucing up the properties.

“We suspect that updating city service infrastructure, thoughtfully integrating multiple uses in a single site, building more housing and making housing more affordable will better serve our communities,” the city said in its request.

Read more about the initiative at The Boston Globe.



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