Ali Alavi, Gina Braza

Ali Alavi, Managing Partner/Founder
Gina Braza, Managing Partner/Co-Founder
Alavi + Braza, P.C.

Gina Braza and Ali Alavi have over 30 years of real estate law experience combined, and as Managing Partners and Co-Founders of Alavi + Braza, P.C., they cater to buyers, sellers, lenders and developers.  “Our claim to fame is that we take care of each and every client with the highest level of attention regardless of budget,” Alavi says. “We love working with all of our clients and have assembled an amazing team of professionals to be able to take care of their needs.”

As business and life partners, Braza, the daughter of Portuguese immigrants, and Alavi, an Iranian immigrant, run their firm with the highest level of integrity and dedication. “We believe that success comes to people that are focused and work hard” Alavi says. “Having experienced adversity, we’ve incorporated lessons learned from those struggles into our day to day practice to ensure that our staff, clients, real estate agents, and lenders are treated with respect. We are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way and try to give back as much as we can.” 

Prior to becoming real estate attorneys, Braza held multiple positions in the construction and hospitality industries while Alavi worked as a scientist before becoming a patent litigation attorney. After Braza began her practice full time, Alavi transitioned into real estate law and joined her to build their current firm. “Early in my career, I realized how much of a difference I could make in my clients’ lives by advocating for their interest and representing them when they were buying or selling their properties,” Braza says.

Alavi + Braza, P.C. has been nominated by Banker and Tradesman for best commercial and residential real estate law firm for multiple years, and the partners attribute their success in part to their team’s integrity, honesty and commitment to clients.

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