iOS 9 Boasts Strong Features for Agents

by Mike Pugh

How will Apple’s new iOS assist real estate agents?


Apple hosted its most recent Worldwide Developers Conference this week. Among the tech giant’s many announcements was the introduction of iOS 9, the newest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

These are new features of the system that might benefit agents:

1. Call Guessing – iOS 9 will scan through emails when users receive a call from an unknown number and attempt to match the number to a name, making it easier to take calls from clients and agents and avoid sales calls.

2. Improved Siri – Siri has been given a tune up with iOS 9, allowing for more natural commands that can be used across all aspects of phones. Agents will be able to search for photos with context-specific words, allowing for easier searching for that one photo you want to show your client.

3. iPad Multitasking – Apple has also introduced the ability to pull a second app onto the screen, allowing agents to view their email, Twitter or other apps while browsing the Internet or taking a call.

We reported in March on a Redfin survey, which stated that 57 percent of buyers and sellers consider what technology their agent uses important, rather than just the quality of the agent. Considering 64 percent of adults in the U.S. use smartphones, it’s very likely that consumers will consider your use of smartphones in real estate business.

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