Willie J. Mandrell, III, The Mandrell Company

Willie J. Mandrell, III
The Mandrell Company

Willie J. Mandrell, III was taught about long-term wealth building at an early age by his grandmother, Josephine, who’d been investing in real estate since the 1950s. Mandrell continues her legacy and opened his real estate brokerage, The Mandrell Company, in 2012. “I believe in finding your niche. The narrower the focus, the better.” His success lies in the micro-niche of multi-family investments with a simple vision: to grow, preserve and protect our clients’ wealth as it relates to their real estate holdings.

Mandrell is also the founder of Boston Wealth Builders, an educational platform for real estate investing. He speaks passionately about real estate opportunities surging throughout Boston. Whether explaining the difference between financing options, where to find the best deals, how to navigate challenges or simply where to start, Mandrell is the first to admit that he doesn’t know everything: “I certainly don’t think I’m the smartest person in the room, but I do know the value of surrounding myself with people smarter than me.”

Mandrell partners with real estate agents committed to a hyperlocal knowledge of their specific area of Boston. Each agent spends a considerable amount of time educating new investors about the market as well as helping them locate investment and development opportunities. Mandrell explains “that since many of our agents are real estate investors themselves, we bring personal experience to the table. We’re not only real estate agents, but also investment advisors and personal wealth building coaches.” Mandrell’s foresight into future trends serves his client base well as he shares his knowledge every chance he gets.

Mandrell and his wife, Bao, named their toddler after his grandmother, hoping she’ll carry on her namesake’s legacy.

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