Trinh Tran, Transcend Realty

Trinh Tran
Transcend Realty

Trinh Tran is the owner of Transcend Realty and serves clients within the Greater Boston area. A seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years of industry experience in commercial and residential properties, Tran began her career as a rental agent right out of college before becoming a broker. Tran considers herself a partner to her clients; she listens to their needs and provides detailed and timely information for her clients to make informed decisions. Tran patiently guides her clients through the process while negotiating in their best interest and expediting the deal to close.

A natural introvert, Tran continues to gain the courage to extend beyond her comfort zone and work with clients outside of her original network. “Through the past few years, I’ve been able to overcome my fear of meeting new people,” she says, adding that clear communication and open discussion is fundamental to a successful transaction. “Buying or selling a house is a big deal, and clients go through all kinds of emotions so it helps to work with an agent who will listen to them,” she says. Client referrals have been a primary source for Tran’s growing business. Although the majority of her clients are buyers, she also assists sellers with marketing and advertising their properties though MLS and Facebook. Tran keeps her clients updated on real estate news via social media and stays abreast of industry trends and regulations by attending conferences and networking with other real estate experts and mentors.

This year, Tran helped a client earn a profit and pay off his single-family home after just two years of selling his three-family home. “How often do you see someone pay off a house in two years?” she says proudly.
Tran is a member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, and enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

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