Michael E. Nickley, Dedham Savings

Michael E. Nickley
Loan Officer
Dedham Savings
NMLS ID #196860

Michael has been active in the real estate industry for 32 years, and as a loan officer with Dedham Savings, he works with everyone from high-income clients to families who qualify for affordable housing to first-time buyers. “I derive great satisfaction from helping first time homebuyers,” he says. “It can be overwhelming for them — it’s a whirlwind of activity in a compressed period. My job is to serve the borrower, lower their stress to a minimum and assist them with every part of the transaction.”

Nickley’s vast understanding of the industry and clients’ complex finances — not to mention his ability to work closely and coordinate with their CPAs — enables him to compete within the luxury real estate sector and serve high-income borrowers looking to purchase multimillion-dollar properties. At the same time, having served on the board of MassHousing for eight years, Nickley enjoys working with clients at the opposite end of the financial spectrum to secure them an appropriate loan to match their needs.

This year, Nickley closed a loan for a couple who were only able to put down 5 percent on a single-family home purchase of $900,000. “They were a wonderful couple and a privilege to serve. Only a bank such as ours with portfolio capacity could have made this loan,” he says.

Above all else, Nickley prioritizes earning and maintaining his clients’ trust and being genuine throughout the process. “Sales is the power of persuasion, but trust exceeds all,” he says. “Your clients and customers must trust you completely without reservation.”

Five years ago, Nickley founded The Mortgage Advisory Board, which provides industry seminars and events to the mortgage industry free of charge. “As chair of the board, I’m truly blessed to serve with some of the finest and most respected men and women in our industry,” he says.

Nickley looks forward to the year ahead and says he is grateful to those who have aided him personally and professionally and feels honored to serve the mortgage industry.

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