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The owner’s guide to landlord-tenant law compliance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is widely regarded as a friendly state for landlords. Complying with state laws that apply to landlords in Massachusetts isn’t always easy, but state law makes the rights and responsibilities of landlords clear.

How top producers get referrals for life

Many top producers know how to create a great referral network from past sales. How do they do it?

No inventory, no problem: Where homebuyers can turn in a sellers’ market

As today’s homebuyers continue to navigate an ever-evolving real estate market with limited inventory and climbing home prices, many are wondering just how attainable the dream of homeownership is.

Make the most out of social media for your business

Finding potential buyers for your listings is one of the most important aspects of your job — and marketing is essential to your success with this task.

Wish lists and financial anxiety: how realtors and lenders can help first-time homebuyers land their dream home

First-time homebuyers have a long list of priorities, many inspired by the extra time they spent at home during the pandemic

Generating the best leads for your business

: In real estate, lead generation is an essential and never-ending task. If you’re looking for new tactics to add to your repertoire while you’re stuck at home, here are five lead generation tricks you can test out today

Six ways an assistant should market listings

As an assistant, you can be very useful in helping your agent reach the right customers. In this blog you’ll learn more about how to help market listings to sell a home.

What to do once you’ve found a lead

Once you’ve generated some leads, you’re going to get a number of inquiries. While it’s great to have folks contact you and increase your database of leads, the real goal is to convert these leads into clients.

Boston is racing to build more new homes as demand surges

In 2020 and 2021, the global real estate market experienced a rapid surge as homeowners rushed to buy and sell their homes amidst the ongoing pandemic after spending months cooped up living and working inside.

Build your business with online reviews

Glowing online reviews can not only help to enhance and build your online profile — they are likely one of the key factors in a potential buyer or seller’s decision to contact you or use your services.

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